In elementary school at West Broad Street elementary in the 1950’s where I attended, life was so simple and for the most part enjoyable. I never was popular but was a friend to most all of my classmates thru the 6 years I attended West Broad. Starting in the 4th grade I guess, my feelings […]

The Pill Box

In the 1950’s when I was in first or second grade there was always some little craft we would be working on for Mother’s or Father’s day, Christmas or Thanksgiving. One never knows how important even the simplest one of these craft projects becomes to those you have given the finished product to. Such is […]

Big Jerry

Another unforgettable character from my childhood was “Big Jerry”. We didn’t give him that nickname, I only use it to distinguish him from the other Jerry of the neighborhood. Jerry was a little older than I was, about 5 years older than me I guess. Because of his obesity, he was not very popular in […]

Jim And Jerry

Looking back on my childhood in the 1950’s and early 1960’s , there are many characters at least in my case that are forever etched in my memory. Two of these are Jim an Jerry. They were brothers and at the time the bad boys of the middle class blue collar neighborhood where I spent […]



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