Uncle Rod

One of my favorite uncles of my childhood was uncle Rod. Born Lawrence Roderick Jones in Pomeroy, Ohio on January 15, 1901, I only remember him when he was older with snow-white hair and usually having a mustache to match most of the time. Unfortunately, this is the only photo I have of him.

In later years when I would visit uncle Rod and aunt Gert, it would be little frustrating because both were hearing impaired and apparently they just either did not want hearing aids or did not want to put out the money for them at the time. It’s kind of funny now but at the time as I said it was frustrating because one would ask a question and while answering, the other one before I could finish, would start talking and ask something completely different. I wish they were around today so that I could be frustrated again.

In uncle Rod’s younger years, I guess he was a pretty good swimmer. Although I never asked him about it, but apparently in the summer months in Pomeroy, Ohio where he grew up, he would occasionally take a mourning swim in the Ohio river. By swim I mean across the great Ohio river to the other side, West Virginia. I can imagine how dangerous that was with the currents and undertow. Never the less, apparently he survived with no incidents.

Uncle Rod was from what time I can remember an impeccable dresser and just a neat looking person as far as personal hygiene. One thing I remember him doing was visiting his favorite barber shop at least once every two weeks. Sometime I swear it seems like he would make the trip weekly. My great uncle from the time I was old enough to remember never owned a car. He and aunt Gert would walk everywhere they needed to. The barber shop at the corner of Sullivant Avenue and Richardson Avenue in Columbus, Ohio (Policaro’s Barber Shop) was at least a mile or more away from their Belvidere Avenue home but uncle Rod faithfully walked there for his haircut and to talk with whomever was there at the shop until his last years when when he as not able to walk that far.

Another unforgettable character from my childhood who just happened to be one of my special uncles.      



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