In elementary school at West Broad Street elementary in the 1950’s where I attended, life was so simple and for the most part enjoyable. I never was popular but was a friend to most all of my classmates thru the 6 years I attended West Broad.

Starting in the 4th grade I guess, my feelings toward the girls that had been in my class from the time I started in the 1st grade were changing. Instead of pretty much ignoring them as I did in the earlier grades, I was beginning to be interested and not embarrassed by the teasing of my male classmates if I showed any interest in the opposite sex. From 4th grade on, it seemed that the one or two girls I wanted to get to know better had no interest in me. Maybe they knew my name,  but at the time, I really doubt that they did.

Well, with me, there always seemed to be that one girl in grade school that was always interested in me and I had no interest in wanting to be more than just a classmate to her. That one girl was named Carolyn. I don’t remember Carolyn in Junior High or High school, so she probably transferred to another school.

Looking back at this time of my life I still remember not thinking she was cute and wonder if I missed out on being a good friend to her or possibly more if somehow we had kept in touch as we grew older. My reasons I guess for not wanting to know Carolyn better – carrot red hair and freckles. 

I still remember getting the “mushiest” valentine’s day cards from her in my decorated shoe box with the slot in it on the top every  valentine’s day. On Valentine’s Day, everyone in class would deliver their valentine’s day cards to each other in those shoe boxes.

I know my reasons for ignoring Carolyn back then were ignorant and superficial but I was a kid and did know any better. I  wish that someone at the time would have explained that I could be missing out on great friendship with Carolyn.

Thankfully as an adult, my reasons for not wanting a friendship with someone are not so superficial and biased as they were in grade school. Something I still see today sometimes in adult behavior. 

Don’t let your petty biases cost you a possible long lasting friendship with someone as once did. Definitely my loss Carolyn.       



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