The Pill Box

In the 1950’s when I was in first or second grade there was always some little craft we would be working on for Mother’s or Father’s day, Christmas or Thanksgiving. One never knows how important even the simplest one of these craft projects becomes to those you have given the finished product to. Such is the case of the pillbox project.  

I had forgotten about this gift I made for my mother for many years until I saw it after my dad passed away in 1997. I noticed that my mother still had this to store her stamps in. In the 1950’s Anacin tablets came in a tin box. To open it one would press the bottom left-hand corner and the top would pop open.

For our crafting project the class would decorate one of these Anacin tins. I decorated mine with “elaborate dots”.  It probably took a couple hours (maybe actually only 45 minutes) to complete and maybe overnight to dry.  

The inside was left as is – not important to cover this up since your stamps would be in there.

My mother must have cherished this because she still had it in her possession at the time of her death in 2009. As my brother and I we were going through her belongings the only thing I wanted to make sure I kept was this pillbox.

To me, it was more important than anything else because I knew how much my mother must have cherished this simple little gift made for her many years ago.

Even though I don’t use many stamps, it will always be filled with postal stamps and kept for the rest of my life.



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