Uncle Pat

My great uncle Pat is another family member of which I have fond memories of. Even though only 5 or 6 years old at the time I remember the brief visits to his house in Pomeroy Ohio.

This house on E Second looks much like as I remember. The side steps and the shed doors under the porch.

Born Alpha Clay Jones on June 25 in 1882 in Meigs County Ohio, I recall summer visits with him and aunt Clara in the early 1950’s. The house they were at on second avenue (I forget if it was east or west second) is what I remember most. The view from the front porch was exciting to me. One could view the barges and boats on the Ohio River from that front porch. I doubt if the same view exists today, but can I see why so many people love living close to a river despite the danger of flooding.

The other memory I have of my visits with uncle Pat was feeding the rabbits. Uncle Pat had pet rabbits in cages in the backyard. Hardly a backyard, the rock from the hill in the back seemed like a mountain to me and probably not more than 20 or 30 yards from the back of the house. Anyway, apparently, he loved rabbits. I don’t have photos of uncle Pat, but I remember thinking at the time, he actually resembles a rabbit.

Hopefully I will always remember these visits with my great uncle Pat. Although I was young and the visits brief, I am always surprised that I am able to recall the few memories at that time in my advanced age.



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